Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thing #5: Flickr

I found Flickr a bit overwhelming and a little confusing. I searched through many pictures; some that seemed more personal and others that seemed to be more of artwork for the public. I'm not sure Flickr would be something I would use on a daily basis. I used to be a language arts teacher before taking on an administrative role at Bendwood. If I was back in the classroom, I might use Flickr to capture pictures to help students start stories during writing lessons. I also loved to teach poetry; haikus being my favorite for kids to write. So, I found a beautiful picture of a flower that I might have used to have students write about sense haikus are written about nature.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thing #3 - Setting up my blog

I found setting up my blog and creating my avatar pretty easy once I got the hang of maneuvering around the site. Now I'm sort of excited about writing my blogs and exploring the 23 things to learn. I have read other people's blogs before. Many of my friends have blogs. It's nice to read about what's going on in people's lives - great way to stay in contact! I have made comments to friends' blogs; just another method of communicating! :-) I'm looking forward to all my future learning!

Thing #2 - Easiest and Hardest Habit

After watching the 7 1/2 Habits online tutorial, it wasn't very hard for me to determine what is the easiest for me and what is the hardest. I'm pretty goal oriented and know what I want. I'm good at making to-do lists and making plans on how to accomplish those goals, so I would have to say that the first habit, begin with the end in mind, is pretty easy for me. That's just the type of person I am. I've always been that way. I like to know what's expected of me, I like to set personal and professional goals, and I work pretty tediously to make sure all is accomplished. Unfortunately, habit 7 1/2, play, would probably be the hardest habit for me because it is just so hard finding time for myself. As a single mother to two beautiful children (just look! :-), it seems my time and energy revolves around their needs and schedule. And when I do find time, it seems all I feel like doing is shutting my eyes and getting some rest. I'm hoping though, this summer, I can make "playing" a goal for myself. I mean, I really have to, or I won't make it. I need to learn to make myself a priority. I'm trying, really I am.